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Nicholas Restivo » Hell Raiser

Hell Raiser


2011 Interaction Design Lab, IUAV, Venice
Profs. Philip Tabor and Gillian Crampton Smith
Designed by: Isabella Balzano, Valentina Lamantia, Nicholas Restivo.

















Hell Raiser is a system of devices designed to help families whose members are distant from each other deal with feelings of anger, destructiveness, fear and rage.


Here is a short promo film (0:47) :


Hell Raiser consists of three devices, communicating together: anger trap, hell raiser, and kalimba.
















The first thing that a person who’s angry and frustrated would like to do is find an object that he/she could grab and throw around, squeeze, kick and scream at. This is why we designed Anger Trap, an object shaped like a truncated pyramid made of silicone rubber .

Anger Trap takes your negative energy, in the form of movement and audio signals (screams!), and converts it into bubbles, which are then produced by the other person’s hell raiser.

Hell Raiser is a plastic object which consists of: an ‘engine’ (a motor which controls two fans, one to produce the air that blows the bubbles and one to turn the ‘wandwheel’),and a small funnel connected to a clear container (for the bubble solution).

At this point, when the other person sees the bubbles, he/she can respond by sending positive vibrations; this is exactly what the Kalimba is for: when its plucked, the soothing sounds it makes are reproduced in real time by the other person’s Anger Trap.

Kalimba is a small handheld musical instrument, consisting of  a wood resonator and ‘vibrating’ steel springs, housed in a silicone rubber shell. The sound is produced by plucking the free ends of the springy plates.

This way of communicating sends a non verbal, non intrusive message; it’s like saying: “I’m here for you, don’t worry…” without having to say a word.

More info: here.