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My name is Nicholas Restivo. I’m a graphic designer / printmaker with over 8 years of experience
in creating eye-catching artwork for a wide range of products (merchandise, packaging etc…)
as well as book / catalog layout designs and graphics for email campaigns and social media.

I’m currently based in Venice, Italy, and I’m legally authorized to work in the US and Europe
(I have dual citizenship: American and Italian).

Selected clients: NYU – New York University, ISAIA, Lomography, lab80 films / Archivio Cinescatti,
Soulwax, Lightbox of Magic Unknowledge, Rubino Fine Art, Alla Chiesa Degli Artisti / Lalopace etc…

Have a question or just want to talk about a new project? Please reach out, don’t be shy!




Master’s Degree in Design (with honors) — Dissertation here,
(focused on Visual Communication and Interaction Design),
Faculty of Arts and Design,
IUAV University of Venice, Italy

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture,
Faculty of Architecture,
IUAV University of Venice, Italy