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Nicholas Restivo » Mobile Blood Draw Kit

Mobile Blood Draw Kit


2010 Medical Design Lab, IUAV, Venice
Prof. Medardo Chiapponi
Designed by: Isabella Balzano, Nicholas Restivo.


This project was one of ten student projects presented at ‘Made in IUAV’, an exhibition held at Palazzo Giacomelli (Treviso) on July 22nd 2010; it was also presented at ‘Future Australia’ on May 24th 2011.





















The MBD kit is designed to be used by health care operators on their daily blood draw route; they visit about 8 patients every morning, and the process takes 15-20 minutes each. The kit features two devices that will help make the process more efficient, sustainable and safe:

- modules to separate all the recyclable components from generic trash: clean caps from needles etc.

- RFID platform, to assign the correct tube module to each patient.

The kit is also paired with an Iphone app, which will guide the health care operator through the different stages of the process; it will also be used by the health care operator to confirm all data.

Below is a detailed flowmap of the interface (click here to view a high quality pdf):